Apr 9 2013

The Convenience Of Converting YouTube Videos To MP3 Files

images (1)Converting YouTube videos to MP3s is a popular practice by people today. As the most popular video sharing website on the Internet, YouTube is chuck full of content that is unique and enjoyable. Many artists today release exclusive content specifically for this website. It goes without saying that people want to be able to take this content with them everywhere they go.

Because YouTube restricts users from downloading their videos, people rely on third party downloaders and converters such as flvto.com to grab the content they want and store it on their own personal hard drives. The use of downloaders has grown exponentially over the years and there are a number of different websites and programs available today that allow you to download the video straight to your computer. You can find a comparison of YouTube downloaders on Wikipedia.

The biggest issue with this is that the flv file that YouTube convers their videos to is not recognized by most media devices. Instead, people must use converters to actually change the file into a format that can be read by their favorite device. While this extra step can be an inconvenience, it is well worth the effort as you will be able to listen to the video on any device you want.

Most of the downloaders today also offer a conversion option as well. Some websites will simply just convert the file without you having to download the video first. This is the quickest and most convenient way to make use of your favorite content on YouTube. The most popular file format to convert to is MP3 as it is recognized by nearly all devices. Although you cannot watch the video, you can still listen to it. This is ideal for music, comedy sketches, television shows and even movies. The biggest advantage to this method is that you do not need an internet connection to listen to the file.

Feb 24 2013

Properly Convert Videos To MP3s

907633_mp3_playerVideos are great for those that want to watch them. There are times when sitting back and watching a video is perfectly acceptable. After all, people need to be able to have fun with whatever they please right? However, there are certain circumstances where having a video is just not a benefit to the person. If a person wants to break free from their videos, they will either have to find an audio format for them and forget them altogether. The latter option is not ideal either as some videos are immensely motivational or inspiring.

Video Converting

Videos can thankfully be converted to many formats. There are videos that can be converted to a distinct format so that they can easily be watched anywhere a person goes. However, this is not ideal for most users as they are trying to find an alternative to videos. When this is the case, the only option they have is to convert the video’s audio information into an audio file. This leaves all of the audio in place allowing a listener to hear whatever the audio was in the film. This has immense benefits. flvto.com may not seem like that big of a deal, but it will allow a person to listen to their audio anywhere. Instead of watching your favorite musicians video, you can simply listen to their song and not have to worry about watching the video. It is the perfect option.

Converting Choices

Converting to sound files has to be done either on a person’s own personal computer or on a video converting website such as flv2mp3.com. These websites normally allow a person to upload a video themselves or provide a URL of where the file is located. If the file and website are supported by the website, it will be very easy for a person to convert their files. It is a literal click of a button and a few seconds of waiting before a person can download their file.

If a person does not want to rely on a website, they will have to download and install a video converting software package. Many of these are free, but be cautious that a good program with a great reputation for quality is downloaded. These software packages may or may not be able to function in the same way as a website converter will. Some will allow direct video downloads and others will need a person to download the file on their own.

What To Do Next

Once the file has been converted, a person will want to ensure that the file is fine and complete. This means that they will need to listen to the entire file at least once to ensure that the conversion was a success. Sometimes, the converting process will produce a white noise sound which is definitely not something that a person will enjoy. If an error has occurred, a person will want to try the conversion process again. This is not a common result of conversion but it definitely does occur on occasion.

Feb 24 2013

The Basics Of Video Editing

889374_rainbow_into_cdMany people will make a video but not really know how to edit it. This is a huge problem for some and especially if they are trying to make a huge splash with their video. Most people will ignore videos that have not been edited because they are raw and often have unwanted footage. This can be the end of a person’s new video career because comments that degrade the quality of a video can be very hurtful. However, this does not need to be the case for those that are new to the video making world.


First and foremost, a person must take into consideration all of the editors that are available to them. When there are many options, it can become confusing. Thankfully, there are either free or paid options with the latter being larger in number. A person that is merely trying to have fun with their videos will always want to go with the free option as it makes the most economical sense. Paid versions can reach into the several hundred dollar range and are only a good investment for those that will routinely make and edit videos.

If a person wants a truly universal option, they can choose the Windows Movie Maker as it is a very reliable editor. This editor will come with every modern version of Microsoft Windows and has tutorials to get a person started right away. Those that have failed to install the software will be able to do so straight from the publisher’s website.

Editing Basics

Once an editor has been chosen, it will be time to learn and use it to its full potential. This should and can be done by viewing one of the many tutorials that will come with the software of choice. Once these tutorials are understood, it will be time to actually started editing.

Transitions: Every video can make subtle usage of transitions. These will help a video be broken up into sections as it will provide a transition from one frame to another. If a person wants to show a completely different area or a revealing moment in a video, they will be able to do so by using transitions.

Audio: People love to add audio to their videos. This allows them to provide a form of entertainment to their users and should be done whenever possible. This is obviously not warranted if a person is talking as this will become more of a distraction than anything else. It should also be noted that people need to respect the copyright laws of the musicians. While many of them truly do not mind when their fans use their music, many online video portals will remove videos that have copyrighted music within them. Keep this in mind before spending an evening editing a video.

The best part of editing is that everyone will have their own style. What might not work for one video may work terrifically for another. If a person has their own unique editing, viewers will surely notice.

Feb 24 2013

Converting Videos To MP3 Audio Files

845929_earphones_close-up_2Videos are a terrific way to provide both a good viewing and audio experience for a person. However, videos are also enormous in size and very limiting when it comes to them being able to be ported anywhere. This causes many people to seek alternative ways to use their videos. Many videos can be converted to other video formats but this is not always ideal. Unfortunately, many portable devices will not support every video format or have the capability to play some of them. There are, however, options available to anyone that want to be able to bring their favorite with with them at all times.

What Is An MP3?

Before using 2conv.com, a person needs to understand exactly what an MP3 is. Oftentimes, people will assume that the file extensions available mean virtually nothing because they do not understand them. This is definitely a technical aspect that everyone can understand easily. Using MP3 files as an example will work great. MP3 files were created as a way to compress a sound file from a large size to a small size. The difficulty in the concept is always the loss of quality. Well, this is virtually unseen with MP3 files. They can be compressed without any noticeable loss. This has propelled them to the most popular audio format in the world. However, this file does have its own advantages and disadvantages as well.


Since this format is so immensely popular, there are hundreds of ways that a person can convert their videos into MP3 files. The most common is to use a conversion website that will download the file and convert it free of charge. It really does not get any better than this. Anyone that has converted files on their computer before will understand how much of a nuisance the conversion process will be. However, there are some people that will want to convert the file by themselves. This is where a person can make use of the hundreds of freeware software packages that were designed for this exact purpose. Beyond the conversion process, these files are also much smaller in size and have varying bit rates of sound quality that makes them crystal clear.


With all of the good also comes one unforgettable disadvantage. If a person wants to convert a file to MP3, they have to understand that the video portion will not be present. Perhaps a person downloaded a music video. They will still be able to listen to the audio portion of the video, but the video portion will be completely removed. This is something that does not sit well with some users but is a reality of using this format.

Whichever avenue a person chooses, MP3 files will always be a great option. They provide great quality, most conversions are free and people will be able to use their audio file in many places that videos could not be played in. If the video itself is not of great importance, this will be the go to choice.

Feb 24 2013

Offline Access To YouTube Videos

841419_cd_playerWhile being connected to the Internet is a good thing, there are times when a person will try to break free and shut off their computer. It is unthinkable that a person would want to spend their every waking hour attached to their computer screen, but it definitely does happen. When a person wants the best of both world, they often will find ways in which they can bring the best aspects of the Internet with them. This is often down by using flvto.com so that a person can transport their favorite videos wherever they like.

A Downloader

There are many downloaders that will keep the video in its entirety on a person’s computer like flvto.com This allows them to watch and listen to the video whenever they please. This is a great option for people that truly want to watch the video but will not have access to the computer. The only catch is that these videos normally run off of flash or the .flv format which makes them very limited in the programs that will be able to run them adequately. If this is an issue, the next option will work much better in most situations.

A Converter

Using a converter is a great option because there are two methods in which this can be done. Understanding the benefits and disadvantages of each will help the viewer dramatically.

Video Converting: Videos in this format, as mentioned earlier, are not supported by all devices. This makes them rather difficult to watch away from a full pledged computer. Instead, a person can also convert these videos to another format such as .avi so that they can watch their videos on gaming console or most other devices. However, some of the quality may be lost in the conversion process.

Sound Converting: There are special cases where the video of an actual video is not the most important aspect that a person has to consider. Instead, they really are only worried about the audio as this is the true value provided. Thankfully, there are many websites that can convert a video straight into the MP3 format so that a person can listen to it in a plethora of places.

The Difference

Now, a person may be wondering what the big difference is between downloading a video and converting it. When a video is downloaded, it will be left in its original format and in the same quality that a person would see on YouTube. This is a terrific option because it is essentially watching the full video minus the Internet connection and the ads.

Converting files, however, does have its own benefits. Many people will choose this option so that they can save space on their hard drives and more importantly play the file off of their computer. It is possible for a person to play an MP3 file in their car or even on a portable MP3 player. It is a luxury that definitely has its drawbacks in the fact that only sound is available, but also an extreme commodity.

Feb 24 2013

YouTube Video Categories



Beauty is something that most women will look up on Youtube. These channels allow a person to learn from professional makeup artists and hairstylists to teach them how to look their best. Some of the world’s best known names in the industry will actually provide this for their fans and clients. It is a great way to get free advice and is definitely a good way to learn a lot about looking good.


Fitness is one of the most popular industries in the world and learning about fitness will being in limitless viewers. Every major fitness company has their own channel so that they can teach their clients and also inform them of the latest products that have hit the market. It is not an issue for anyone to find fitness related content. However, this area is huge and needs to be broken down even further.

Nutrition: Diets and eating healthy will make up a major portion of the fitness category. There are people from all walks of life that will share this knowledge with their viewers. It is one of the best ways to start losing weight and to eat a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise: This should come as no surprise to anyone reading this article as exercise is always important. People will be able to find out the latest exercise trends and even learn the right way to perform exercises. There are also sections dedicated directly to working out at home which is ideal for people on strict budgets.


Funny and entertaining videos can also be found on this site. People are always doing things to make their viewers laugh and everyone can take advantage of this. Many small sitcoms or small production videos will also be posted on the site for all those that want to see acting in its rawest form. In fact, entertainment is the most viewed category mentioned as it can include anything from humans acting irrational to animals doing something hilarious.


Perhaps the purest form of high quality entertainment will come from the immense amount of music videos on YouTube. Not only does every huge artist have their song on the site, they will always have their channel updated with the latest singles. Major record companies do this so that they can entice viewers to buy the songs and it works very well. There are also many fans that submit their own renditions of songs. These will sometimes prove to be exceptional musicians that have not made a name for themselves and of course the few that should have never picked up a mic in the first place.